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International Swimming Federation (FINA)

The brief

The Fédération Internationale de Natation (FINA) wanted to develop an organisational profile that provided potential partners and media with a first introduction to the federation. It was important that the document communicated important aspects of the organisation that made it an attractive partner, such as the global reach of aquatics, professionalism and strong organisational leadership and management.
Our response

To meet with these expectations, the organisational profile was developed in close collaboration with FINA and structured along the following themes:

  • Building for the future

  • Developing aquatics worldwide

  • Managing global events

  • Winning with partners

  • Connecting with fans

Statistic and fact boxes were inserted throughout the profile to break the text and highlight interesting facts and figures that would help to reinforce the key messages about the organisation.

Besides developing the content, BCW also worked with the designers of the brochure to provide necessary input and recommendations to ensure that the look and feel of the document truly reflected the identity and character of FINA.

From the Client

“TSE was a great help in the coordination and execution of this assignment. Not only did they demonstrate a keen sense of understanding of our organisation and the sports industry, but also produced a well-crafted profile.

Peter Hall Head of Marketing, International Swimming Federation

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