The New Sports Organisation: Eight Essentials for Renewing the Management of Sport Organisations.

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The book outlines the the essentials needed to successfully manage a modern sports organisation. The New Sports Organisation is a collection of the experiences combined with relevant management theory based on BCW Sports's work with national and international sports organisations around the world. The updated and expanded third edition contains new interviews with leaders of sports organisations and detailed case studies reflecting how sports organisations around the world are managing the eight essentials described in the book. Interviews and cases from a range of sports such as Aquatics, Archery, Biathlon, Football, Rugby and Skiing are included, as well as from various National Olympic Committees including Brazil and the United States.

The eight essentials are covered in the eight chapters outlined here:

Chapter 1: FOCUS – define the operational frame

Chapter 2: VALUES – lead with more than rules and regulations

Chapter 3: STRATEGY – let strategy guide structure

Chapter 4: SERVICES – move beyond administration

Chapter 5: BRAND – reach out to a broader audience

Chapter 6: PARTNERS – diversify the approach

Chapter 7: MEASUREMENTS – connect performance to results

Chapter 8: CHANGE – balance stability and improvement

Conclusion: The ninth essential


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