Over the past weeks, the COVID-19 outbreak has brought great pressure upon cities and organisations involved in the hosting of international sports events. Faced with a growing number of event cancellations or postponements, host cities have had to quickly adapt and must now focus on preparing for the challenges, but also to the opportunities, which lie ahead.

In order to support host cities in revising and adapting their strategies moving forward from this crisis, the BCW Sports Practice has developed a new service offering tailored to their specific needs during this time of uncertainty.

Composed of three interchangeable solutions, this new offering focuses on helping you host cities to get back on track through the identification and testing of future hosting opportunities, a thorough readjustment of their sports event hosting strategies and by providing them with tools to secure political and financial support for future events.

The detailed overview of services available here outlines how the BCW Sports Practice offers to support host cities in making the right decisions over the coming weeks and months in order to spring back to hosting success.

For more information, please contact Heloise Signe, Account Director at BCW Sports Practice: heloise.signe@bcw-global.com