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The Brief

Sport Event Denmark is a national organisation in Denmark whose main objective is to attract major international sports events as well as international sports congresses to the country. Sport Event Denmark was seeking external assistance to strengthen its presence and expand its reach in the international sports world.

Our Response

Our team of advisors developed a range of services over a long term period for the organisation. These services are:

  • Constant monitoring of new opportunities
  • On-going strategic advice
  • Building of a value-added sport strategy
  • Contact management development
  • Strategic advice for bids
  • Internal seminars for staff and board members


Our over a long term period has enabled Sport Event Denmark to build a strong base for its presence in the international sports world and to build a large contacts database that is necessary to eventually reach the goal of attracting meaningful events and congresses to the country. Over the years our advisors have helped Sport Event Denmark win the hosting rights for the following events: IOC Session 2009, Taekwondo World Championships 2009, Women's Curling World Championships 2011, UCI Road Cycling 2011, BMX World Championships 2012, CEV Men's European Volleyball Championships 2013, European Men's Handball Championship 2014, Women's Handball World Championships 2015, Men's Ice Hockey World Championships 2016, 2019 Men's Handball Championships, 2021 ICF Sprint Championships and 2023 Women's Handball Championships.

“When we needed to grow our contact base and knowledge on how to expand our reach in the international sports world, this team of expert advisors was the natural choice.”

Lars Lundov

Executive Director, Sport Event Denmark

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