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The Brief

Dubai Sports Council, the governing body of sports events in Dubai, has the ambition of being the best-known sporting city in the world. As such, Dubai Sports Council aspires to not only raise the profile of sports events organised in Dubai but also to ensure that these events are all aligned with the strategies of the Dubai Government and of the Dubai Sports Council.

Our Response

Our team of advisors developed a targeted event evaluation system that is based on a combination of the Dubai Government 2021 and Dubai Sports Council 2011-2015 strategic plans.The evaluation system operates with five measurement categories: event development, economic development, sport development, social development and branding development. The new measurement system will be implemented as of September 1, 2014 with the first event ranking published by the end of September 2015. This system is called the "Dubai Sports Council Sports Events Ranking System".

“We have big ambitions in terms of hosting national and international sports events, but we are equally ambitious in terms of wanting to make sure we optimise the impact they will have for Dubai. We are developing new tools that will assist us in assessing and creating synergy between all of our activities. We are pleased to have this team of trusted advisors with us as we take this next step.”

Nasser Al Rahma

Head of Events, Dubai Sports Council

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