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The Brief

The City of Edmonton, located in the beautiful Canadian province of Alberta, has been a premier location for sports events for more than thirty years and seeks to continue building upon its global reputation, while at the same time, achieving various socioeconomic objectives to benefit its citizenry. To leverage its significant assets and to align its priorities, City of Edmonton leaders commissioned a study to develop a strategy to guide the City of Edmonton in identifying, attracting, and hosting major events in the fifteen-year period from 2011 to 2026.

Our Response

There were two project phases, carried out over an eight-month time frame.

Phase 1 of the project was designed to help Edmonton leaders understand how the city is perceived internationally, particularly among influential sport decision-makers and opinion leaders. A research mechanism was undertaken to understand and quantify areas of strength and weakness, as well as the basis of reputational attitudes, by identifying the level of familiarity with local amenities and services; the level of recollection of past events; and, the factual basis - accurate or inaccurate - for such perceptions.

Phase 2 of the project included the formulation of a strategic approach to event selection and the identification of priority sports and events which have congruence with Edmonton goals and objectives. Significant focus was placed on identification of key city resources and assets; development of relationships with domestic and international sport leaders; and, recognition of ways to achieve congruence with other significant city initiatives.

The final delivery came in the form of an event strategy document, after presentations designed to elicit feedback from community stakeholders, the Edmonton Economic Development Corporation, and the City of Edmonton Corporate Leadership Team, before a final presentation was made to the City Council.

“The team of external experts helped us approach event selection, bidding, and hosting in a more comprehensive way which maximizes our resources. With their guidance, we have developed an ambitious plan which will continue to make Edmonton a destination of choice for leading sport federations and organisations.” 

Candice Stasynec

Executive Director - Inter-governmental and External Affairs, Office of the Edmonton City Manager

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