Social Media: Will Winter IFs catch up with Summer IFs?

A couple of weeks ago, we are BCW Sports released the latest edition of our yearly International Sports Federations Social Media Ranking. Among some of the key findings, one seems especially pertinent now, as the Winter Olympic Games draws to a close. While summer sports represent a larger number of International Federations (IFs) in this…

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Is sport any closer to finding the best way to select hosts?

Last summer, while the world focused on dealing with COVID-19 and the challenges of hosting the Olympic Games safely in Tokyo, a decision was made by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) that went mostly unnoticed in the public eye. Brisbane was elected as the host of the 2032 edition of the Games. This was the…

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Gender equality in sports – the key role of communications

Gender equality in sport has really come to the foreground in recent years. While significant progress has been made ‘on the field’, equality must mean far more than the same number of female athletes means their male counterparts. Increased female representation in governance is of course crucial, but true equality must also encompass the way…

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Time for international sport to give fans a seat at the table

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a severe impact on the international sports world. Cancelled and postponed events have left many sports with a financial deficit that will take years to recover from, showing that the industry is by no means immune to external factors. In addition to the challenges, the pandemic has also provided many…

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Three things to remember when planning the legacy of your sporting event

Sports events can be a significant catalyst and drive positive change for host communities. The FIFA World Cup, Tour de France and the Olympic and Paralympic Games, among other events, are part of the world’s agenda and are powerful tools for nations, regions and cities to brand and promote themselves on the global stage. The…

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How to brand your sports event: a four-step approach

In today’s world, where places are competing more than ever for attention, sports events can provide a unique promotional platform for a city, region, or country to brand itself. This is due to the many positive values attached to sport and the media coverage that it generates. Each individual place can of course have its…

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Re-invent your fan experience amid Covid-19

With less than 170 days to go until the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympic Games, the IOC, the IPC and the Organizing Committee launched a series of playbooks that list the rules for different stakeholders (media, international federations, broadcasters, officials and athletes) to ensure safe and successful Games. With no handshaking, no singing, no cheering and…

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As events become more digital, don’t forget the human component

Much like wider society, sports – and sports events – are continuing to prioritise digital engagement as a means to connect to new and existing fans. This has a number of clear advantages, such as the potential of a truly global reach, engagement that is easily measurable, and the opportunity to target specific cross-sections of…

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When looking for host cities, start by listening to them

As cities become more strategic in their selection of sports events, International Sports Federations (IFs) need to evolve their approach to how they allocate their competitions. Today, ambitious cities are both strategic and selective in choosing which events they will host. Each event is studied to see if it fits their strategy and will be…

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